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We'll be releasing a new version of Encrypt soon, with major advances in usability. One of the reasons people never bother with encryption is it's too difficult to setup and use. With Encrypt, we've solved this problem so you can send encrypted email without changing anything or learning anything new. Now there's no excuse not to send your emails encrypted.



  • Your email is always encrypted if both sender and receiver are using Encrypt.
  • If the receiver is not using Encrypt, the message is sent as it normally would be (in plain text).
  • You can force an email to be sent to the recipient as an encrypted email.
  • The recipient doesn't always need to have the Encrypt software to decrypt a message.
  • Senders are authenticated to avoid spoofing. You can check the sender's identity.
  • Uses industry standard Public/Private key AES 256Bit Encryption with Identity Based Encryption.
  • No need to deal with keys, certificates or training.
  • Works with all email clients. Send an email as you normally would. All you need to know is the recipient's email address.
  • Email attachments like Word documents, Excel files and any other attachments are also encrypted.
  • Beta version coming soon.
  • Encrypt update March 2009 -  There has been a slight delay in releasing the new Encrypt because it will now be cross platform. I.e. New Encrypt will be able to run on any Operating System. Whether Mac, Linux or Windows. The new Encrypt will be far superior to the old Encrypt with many extra options.  It will work with all email clients, including web mail and we'll progress to a server version as well.
    Since we're currently rewriting MailWasher Pro at the moment (and it's going very well), we'll use the underlying email code from it in the new Encrypt product (it's all cross platform). This way, we've only got one code base to manage across all of our products.
    Watch this space for updates on progress of the exciting new Encrypt.

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