With Sitehound you get...

  • Instant protection from dangerous websites known for spyware and malware.
  • Warnings when visting websites known for fraud and scams.
  • Adult and offensive website blocking and spam related content blocking.

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SiteHound is a toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox which alerts you if you're about to enter a potentially dangerous website.

Today the most common route for attacks on your computer is through your web browser as you surf the web. Everyday, people around the world fall victim to online fraud, scams, security vulnerabilities and malware while surfing the web, and most people realise before its too late.

SiteHound solves this alarming security gap by working with some of the world’s leading security watchdogs to provide you with instant and real-time protection for you as you surf the web.




Powered by a unique database created by a global community of users and experts who actively report potentially malicious websites, SiteHound ensures you surf the web safely by providing you with an unprecedented level of protection from fraud, phishing, spyware, adware, security risks, spam, viruses, online scams, adult and offensive sites and fake anti-spyware products.



If you do venture to a dangerous website, SiteHound warns you first by displaying a warning page like the one below and gives you further information about what to expect if you decide to visit the website.



SiteHound never blocks your access to the website. But instead, leaves it up to you to decide if you want to visit the website by giving you the information you need. You can view such information as where the website is hosted and who really owns it.


SiteHound is easy to install and configure and in just minutes, you'll be safe from phishing attacks, identity theft, scams, viruses, and other malicious content while you surf.

You don't need to do anything, SiteHound works in the background protecting you while you surf.



  • Alerts you before you land on a potentially dangerous web site
  • Displays comprehensive visual security information for all web pages
  • Harnesses the real-time intelligence of a vast user base for up-to the-minute protection through a global network of online security communities and users
  • Puts you in control by encouraging you to provide feedback about the sites that you visit.




Every day, thousands of people around the world fall victim to online fraud and scams and many more are infected by spyware and trojans. It's estimated that a large majority of the world's PCs are now infected with these viruses. Many web users also fall victim to sophisticated 'social engineering' tricks and end up losing millions of dollars, simply by browsing the web.

Here is real proof: Read the horror stories at the bottom of this linked page from people who have lost thousands of dollars to Chinese scam websites.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to browsing the web and computer security. Traditional security tools such as antivirus and antispyware focus only on cleaning up problems after they occur. By then,the damage has already been done. The thief has your computer under their control and can extract your confidential data at their leisure.

The threat is real: leading Microsoft security researchers now concede that it's often better to completely wipe an infected PC and reinstall Windows from scratch rather than trying to clean out the malware from it, especially if you're unlucky enough to be infected by the latest generation of rootkits.

SiteHound has been built with prevention as its main aim. It keeps you informed while you surf the web and warns you before you enter a dangerous website.

Prevention is always better than a cure, and SiteHound is your first line of defense when you're on the Web.



Q. Which browsers does SiteHound support?

A. Internet Explorer versions 5.5 through to 7.0 and Firefox (all versions) for Windows.


Q. What is the difference between the free version and the registered version?

Basic protection is afforded for free with SiteHound, but you will see the real benefits with the registered version.

Feature Comparison Free Version Registered Version
Blocking of dangerous websites tick tick
Blocking of adult/offensive websites tick tick
Blocking of fraud/scam websites tick tick
Blocking of misleading/phishing sites tick tick
Blocking of spam and adware sites tick tick
Blocking of malware, spyware sites tick tick
Blocking of virus and pharming sites tick tick
Blocking of fake shopping/bank sites tick tick
Link preview (Firefox only) tick tick
Link warning (Firefox only) tick tick
Automatic daily updates manual updates tick
Infomation about why site is blocked - tick
Maps and info about websites - tick
Customize the toolbar - tick
Free guides to prevent being scammed - tick
Upgrade notifications - tick
Technical support 7 days a week - tick
Annual updates ($19.95pa) - tick
Price Free Buy for US$29.95


Additionally, if you buy Sitehound:

  • Guarantee. You get our 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee.
  • Donation. A generous proportion of your registration price is given back to the community websites who help provide us with up-to-the minute information about rogue sites.



Most sites will tell you that they offer fast and real support but unfortunately their promises fall short of this goal.

How do we offer the best customer support?

Because we have full-time staff whose jobs are purely to help you get the best from SiteHound.

Under normal circumstances, we answer all email from registered users within 24 hours, every single day of the week including public holidays!



Use the SiteHound toolbar today. Be safe on the internet.

via our secure server and register your copy to receive the full benefits of SiteHound!

Only $29.95

For yours and others safety, please tell your friends about SiteHound.



Firetrust would like to thank the following partners for providing direct feeds to Sitehound

User Comments

I'm not a lover of toolbars and like to keep my browser as uncluttered as possible, but there is one toolbar/add on that I just wouldn't surf the net without and that is Firetrust's Sitehound.
It is unobtrusive and just sits there doing it's job in either Internet Explorer or Firefox, it updates itself every day too.
In the course of my work on the internet I visit quite a few sites and some of them leave a little to be desired, Sitehound will alert me if I'm trying to access a known bad site, so if I really do have to visit that site I can be sure that I'm going in there with my eyes wide open and my computer locked down!!
I also have the option of submitting bad URL's to Sitehound so that I can do my bit to help keep the internet a little safer.
The best bit is that Sitehound is free to use, the free version is fully functional and I have no hesitation in recommending it to users as part of their security set up. The registered version is worth having though as it will give you more useful information about the sites you are visiting.

I'm also a BIG fan of Mailwasher.... but that is another testemonial!!

Gwynne B

I have used SiteHound for over a year now. I find that it works well with Internet Explorer and Firefox. They provide great information on sites that could potentially harm your computer. The updates are very well done and on a daily basis.
I would not surf without it now.

Thanks to all who work on SiteHound.