MailWasher Enterprise Server

With MailWasher Enterprise Server...

  • You get instant, accurate spam filtering
  • 10 minutes to install, plus easy to use and administer
  • Plugs in to your mail server - no extra hardware required
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MailWasher Enterprise (MWE) is a robust, server-side spam filter for businesses of any size.

MWE stops spam while offering a polished, well-integrated web interface and built-in quarantine management facilities. It is simple for administrators to set up and manage and easy for users to use on a day-to-day basis.

Supports Windows: with any Windows mail server (Microsoft Exchange, Smartermail, IMail, Communigate Pro etc, and Linux: Any MTA such as Sendmail, Postfix, QMail, Exim etc.


  • Instant protection against spam and phishing
  • Maintenance free with real-time spam signature updates
  • Privacy - emails never leave your network
  • Lightweight - low system resource usage. Will significantly reduce the load on your mail server.
  • High performance - multi-threaded software which takes advantage of multi-core processors. Easily processes over 4000 emails/minute on a mid-range machine*
  • Scalable - configure many instances of MWE to talk to a mail server or vice-versa.
  • No downtime due to MWE - email is still delivered
  • Plugs in to your mailserver - no extra hardware required
  • Spam processing and blocking statistics
  • All Email can be delivered with headers identifying the status of the email spam/clean.
  • Grey listing option
  • Simple Wizard-based installation, then works automatically with little or no configuration
  • Simple for end users - spam is automatically moved to quarantine where users can access using a web browser.


End users can either access quarantined email via a browser to view and/or rescue blocked email at the administrators request. This means users don't need to learn anything new or have additional software on their desktops.


MWE is very easy to install, typically in 5-10 minutes. It works straight out of the box so there's very little configuration needed.

Download MailWasher Enterprise Server (MWES)

Or contact us and we'll do a remote install for you for free.


If you are a large customer and your company standardizes on a particular database, we can build a version with your database.

* MailWasher Enteprise running on Linux with dual core 3GHz Pentium 4, 2 GB Memory, 150GB HD. 4000 emails per minute under real conditions was the max tested with.


Product Information

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Latest Version:

MailWasher Enterprise Server 2.7

Available for:

Available for 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP), All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)

File size:

4.5MB (Download time 3 mins @256kbps)

User Comments

...This excellent software makes using the Internet and email productive again. Simple to use and set-up, yet incredibly powerful in its application. I'm happy to recommend this product to anyone that doesn't want to waste time with spam."


Bob Partridge,

Even though I have a very technical background, I couldn't believe how easy this product was to configure. Nice work and thanks again for the speedy response.


...on my test mail server it appears that MWES places an extremely low load on the server. It really is quite impressive what you have achieved with it.

Chris H

We're becoming some of your biggest fans over here - MailWasher Server is a great product.


...I was delighted that Mail Washer "did what it said on the can"!!!


Hi! I just started using Mailwasher Server and I am very surprised about the quality. Please keep up the good work.


I've tested a decent number of anti-spam gateway products in the past, and honestly I just haven't been satisfied with them. They are either inaccurate, hard to use, hard to set up, or worse. Thanks for making this great product available.

Jim S