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MailWasher Pro

The ultimate spam blocker software. Stop spam and unwanted email with the award winning MailWasher Pro. It's easy to use and very effective. Save time by only getting the email you want. Over 8 million people use MailWasher Pro as their spam blocker. Free Download. New Version plus special offer

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SiteHound protects you and your computer from phishing, scams, spyware, adware, security risks, viruses and objectionable content while you surf the web. Free version for Internet Explorer and Firefox

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MailWasher Enterprise Server

Robust, instant and accurate spam filter which plugs directly into a company mail server. Very popular, very effective and your users will love being in control of their email again.

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Catches all the email borne viruses, neutralizes your email attachments, makes email safe so you can download your messages in complete safety. Protects your privacy, prevents worms from spreading. Stops the spread of viruses.

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Coming soon! The new Encrypt. We've solved a major problem with encryption - usability and user authentication. Now there will be no excuse to not send every email encrypted without it affecting how the receiver gets their email. This simple solution means you don't need to change anything about how you send email and also proves the identity of the sender.

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MailWasher Enterprise Server Released

The new MailWasher Enterprise Server (MWE) antispam software is based on the same code we use in our back-end systems for processing large volumes of spam in real-time so it's proven under load, light on resources, easy to maintain and will allow u » read more


Please run the MailWasher Pro Statistics Collector

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Scams Target You - Protect Yourself

It’s Fraud Awareness Week here until the 9th of March, so plenty is going on in regards to helping people ... » read more

MailWasher Pro needs testers

Let’s face it, beta testing software is not very sexy, especially with the kinds of qualities that work well when ... » read more

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