Thank you for your interest in reselling Firetrust's MailWasher Pro, Encrypt and SiteHound.

The Firetrust Reseller Program is a flexible option for merchants wanting to generate profits from reselling Firetrust's MailWasher Pro, SiteHound and Encrypt products. Note: We regret to advise that this system cannot accommodate the selling of Benign at this stage.

How it works.

The Reseller purchases the keys in blocks of 5 or more at 60% of the Firetrust list price and then on-sells them. Any keys not sold can be refunded. For large bulk purchases contact Firetrust's Reseller Manager

Purchase Price (per block of 5) Example sell price Profit
MailWasher Pro $119.85 $199.75 $79.90
Purchase Price (per block of 10) Example sell price Profit
MailWasher Pro $239.70 $399.50 $159.80

Please contact us below for discounts on larger volumes of pre-purchased keys.


Who is the Reseller Program designed for?

The Reseller Program is ideal for those with a physical presence e.g. a computer shop or for IT consultants and tutors.

Anyone who doesn't like to purchase on-line is a potential customer for the Reseller Program.

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions.


3 Steps to Getting Started

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Purchase the registration keys in blocks of 5 or 10.
  3. Contact Reseller Manager, Marcus Farmer by email to receive your Registration Keys. Please provide a copy of proof of purchase, i.e. receipt.


DVD cover artwork is available on request to registered resellers.

Reseller Contact

Marcus Farmer


Reseller products

mailwasher pro box small gif

Firetrust List Price Only US $39.95

  • Purchase blocks of 5 units at 60% of RRP.
  • On-sell at Firetrust list price.
  • Any keys not sold can be refunded.
  • MailWasher Pro works with all email clients.
  • World leading antispam email
  • security software.


5 Reseller License Keys


10 Reseller License Keys