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InformationToday Jayne Hitchcock author of Net Crimes and Misdemeanors writes 'I highly recommend MailWasher Pro, mainly because you are in full control of all your messages and can retrieve any that are mistakenly deleted. This is one of the best features.'


John J. Fried of Philadelphia Inquirer discusses the benefits of Firetrust Encrypt in his article 'To secure files, use encryption software at home'.


Luke Swagger of TechRepublic discusses the merits of MailWasher in his article 'Slam spam with MailWasher'.


Nadia Ilyin of ZDNet News announces the release of MailWasher Server in her news article 'MailWasher Server hoses down spam'.

Chris Schmidt of PC Plus says, the software is easy to use and will quickly become a valuable ally in the battle against spam.


Lincoln Spector of PC World says "it saves bandwidth because you download only the mail you want. What's more, because it displays a message's text without access to attachments, MailWasher provides a safe haven for opening questionable e-mail."



Tucows, a major shareware and freeware site, gives Five Cows to MailWasher Pro 4.0.


about Heinz Tschabitscher of declares in his review of MailWasher Pro: "MailWasher Pro is a highly competent, usable, secure and time-saving spam filtering tool."

rev Philip Ferreria of writes: "3 out of 3 stars for MailWasher Pro. This is a very good product and it was extremely easy to use. The product is reasonably priced and certainly worth the time to configure (it took us 3 minutes to setup, we timed it.)"

Chris of says "The interface is extremely easy to use, navigate and make any configuration changes."

Mario Georgiou of says "MailWasher Pro is a pleasure to use and is a great time saver. It is easy to configure, uses a minimal amount of resources and is a great anti-spam solution."

Kai Chandler of Practical PC sums up MailWasher as "...a great weapon in the fight against spam!"

Howard Carson of likes Benign and describes it as a "superb companion program for Firetrust's flagship product to MailWasher Pro."

TechSupport Alert named MailWasher "Product of the year."