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The Problems We Face Today

The vast majority of all Internet email is unsolicited and unwanted. As well as consuming bandwidth and slowing down email systems, spam is a frustrating time-waster, forcing users to sift through and delete mounds of junk mail. It proves irritating and offensive to recipients who feel their privacy has been invaded.

Email security is a worldwide problem. Viruses are a major email security hazard that PC users simply cannot afford to ignore. Many thousands of different computer viruses exist to date and many new ones are created daily. Their effects range from negligible, to bothersome, to down-right destructive. The extent of the problem is so great that today many companies and individuals prohibit the use of email attachments, as this is where viruses are often embedded. Unless forewarned, users are generally unaware that they have received a virus until they open the infected attachment. By this time, it is too late; the virus is activated and starts to take over, completely infecting the hard drive and network.

In the early days of viruses and malware, the payload was usually destructive, but now many malicious programs trick users in to giving away their personal information, spy on users or use their computer resources. This has led to new ways to protect users before their computers are infected and the users' personal information compromised.


Firetrust Solves the Problem

Firetrust products are based on a completely new approach to email security that has resulted in efficient, easy-to-use mailbox support for users without spam or email virus protection.

MailWasher Pro software provides all the benefits of spam-free email, saving users time and protecting themselves, family and friends from spam. Within a corporate environment MailWasher Pro or MailWasher Server software provides tangible benefits, allowing businesses to improve productivity, limit legal liability and lessen the load on network bandwidth.

Benign provides all the benefits of email free from unwanted viruses and malicious code - protecting security, avoiding the embarrassment of infecting colleagues, family and friends and protecting confidential information and valuable PC resources. Within a corporate environment Benign provides tangible benefits by detecting and neutralizing malicious code received by email, and protecting users PCs from dangerous content.

SiteHound provides protection to users from visiting previously unknown websites. A warning is shown to the user and provides information about the website they wish to visit so the user can decide if they want to continue. This approach provides certainty and trust for the user who may stray off the beaten path and visit previously unknown websites.


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